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Coaching can help guide you from where you are now, in your life, to where you want to be
If you have...
...extra weight & high
% visceral fat
...a bad mood and poor immune system
...reduced performance chronic fatigue
...constant stress and food cravings
...dull dry skin
Welcome to Health Point Program !
My name is Tatiana, I am Health Coach and Beauty Consultant. I provide online consultations where I take a holistic approach to helping people lose weight, balance nutrition and maintain health through lifestyle improvements.

Health Point helps you:
improving self esteem
boost your metabolism
coping with chronic illness
lose weight without starvation
exercising without sweating
managing stress & anxiety
activate the internal functions of the body
This is 6 week programe
Detox your brain set your goals
Launch a weight loss process
Meal plans provided
Securing your long-term wellness goal
Stabilize your body at it's new weight
Change your thinking and lifestyle
Balanced nutrition helps to optimize results
Fat burns while eating
Manage hunger and control cravings
Food tracking App
Why does it work
We know a lot but do little, then not everyone can rely on their own willpower and breakdowns occur.
Right environment!
By doing the same things every day you will develop new positive habits!
Nutrition tips
Online Support
Motivation throughout the program
Being among people with the same issues, targets and wishes helps to make your dreams come true

Therefore it is good to have a coach who will give you:
Beneficial effects
Desired goal weight
Energy and tone
Get a healthy eating habits
Positive thinking
Radiant and luminous look
What are the true causes of weight gain and eating disorders?
As a nutrition coach, I see the main reasons for the fact that a person builds an unhealthy relationship with food and their body which results in eating disorders and as one of the consequences excess weight.

On the other hand, the main reason for gaining excess weight is the inability to correctly recognize and satisfy hunger, physiological hunger and "mental" hunger.
In this sense, we can say that a overweight person is a very hungry person, although to many of course this will seem very strange.
How to eat to lose weight?
You can try a variety of dietary restrictions, such as separate nutrition or even extreme fasting. However, in order to become a slim, healthy person and remain so further, you need to eat delicious and healthy food that nourish you.
What kind of diet is better to choose?
Any diet works if you follow it! So it doesn't really matter what you choose.
However statistics show that 90% of people who are on a diet, over the next 4-5 years, gain their weight back and some will even double it.

Therefore for a temporary one-time weight loss any diet can be suitable. But if your goal is to feel comfortably throughout your life and have a normal weight then no diet will help you to achieve this goal.

It would be better if you learn what, when and how much to eat to control your weight.
My online nutrition training will teach how to manage your food so that it benefits you
Do you need willpower to lose weight?
No, you don't.

To have a stable weight and a normal relationship with your food you need to do a number of actions constantly every day.

No amount of willpower will help here. Awareness, clear motivation and an understanding of what exactly needs to be done will help.
I hardly eat anything but still struggle with weight loss, why?
The thing is that our body has an instinct for self-preservation.

Which in particular, is expressed in the fact, that as soon as we begin to limit ourselves with food our metabolism slows down and body begins to store fat.

Therefore to reduce weight it is necessary first of all to fully and timely satisfy your bodily hunger
How to lose weight at home?
Here's a few tips what you can do:

1. Start your day with glass of water. It helps to wake up your body.
2. Do not skip breakfast. It gives you energy for the day and keeps your metabolism going.
3. Your diet should contain vegetables, fruits, grains and a variety of protein.
4. Drink more water during the day.
5. Don't forget to enrich your diet with the right food supplements.
6. Engage in physical exercise that will bring you pleasure such as swimming, walking, jogging etc.

When everything will be combined you will see results.
Our results
Health point programe
Eat the right, real food
Never hungry
Covers body's needs
Twice a month consultation
Simple adaptation to your
daily routine
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Detailed analysis of your current nutrition
Аnalysis of your health status
Setting goals
Nutrition recommendations supplementation plan
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